Sunday, July 16, 2017

Spanish Notes: Yours or mine?

There are two ways to express ownership in Spanish: you can put the possessive adjective in front of the substantive or after it:

my house: mi casa = la casa mía
your house: tu casa = la casa tuya
his/her/its house: su casa = la casa suya
our house: nuestra casa = la casa nuestra 
your house: vuestra casa = la casa vuestra
their house: su casa = la casa suya

The latter form stresses the ownership (Esta lápiz tuya, ¿la puedo usar?).

In both cases, the possessive adjective has to match the gender of the substantive:
masculine singular: nustro amigo
femenine singular: nuestra casa
masculine plural: nuestros amigos
femenine plural: nuestras casas.

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