Monday, January 19, 2015

Meet Susy, our teacher from Lima, Peru

Hola everyone!

My name is Susy Arteaga, I am a teacher at BocaLetras. I am Peruvian and I live in Lima, the capital of Peru.

I am a Spanish teacher and a tourist guide. I have been teaching Spanish for 16 years, I love teaching my language and culture and I like learning about new cultures from my students. It's a nice interchange: our classes are like small trips.

I also enjoy traveling and I have traveled extensively through Peru, South America and the United States.

I teach at BocaLetras, the online school of Spanish with a great program for students. I'm fascinated with online classes, it is so interesting to teach Spanish in my city and have students learning in the comfort of their home or office in their own country and city. The technology makes it possible for me to teach Spanish across continents from my homeland Peru.

Join us and have fun learning Spanish!

Hasta pronto,

My trip to Ayacucho, Peru